The Association of Women in Science

Posted August 12th, 2014 at 2:13 pm.

The Association of Women in Science (AWIFS) is an organization based in Philadelphia dedicated to awareness of STEM and forensic science research by providing community outreach and networking opportunities for female individuals. Additionally, AWIFS is committed to providing educational opportunities for youth who are interested pursuing forensic science as a career. AWIFS is lead by professionals, college students, and communities leaders who believe in education and bringing drug awareness/prevention to urban environments.

From the AWIFS website: “Commitment to the inclusion, advancement, and recognition of women as members of the forensic science community with a focus on bringing women in science together to “Network & Inspire”.

College student volunteers with interest and/or experience in forensics or criminal justice are especially welcome. Some volunteer responsibilities may include STEM outreach/awareness, preparing and demonstrating hands-on activities, lesson plans and exhibits, facilitating lectures and discussions on the topic of forensic science, and instructing students on proper material usage. Learn more about how to apply for volunteer opportunities here:

For more information, contact AWIFS through email at or through telephone at 1-888-494-2112

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