Philadelphia Public School Notebook

Posted August 26th, 2014 at 3:20 pm.

Updated 10/16/2019

The Philadelphia Public School Notebook is an independent journal dedicated to providing information for parents and students about Philadelphia’s public school system. With a circulation of 60,000 copies and tens of thousands online visitors, the newspaper is a widely-read resource for education reform, and analysis, as well as a catalyst for dialogue. The Notebook is bilingual and prints commentary in both English and Spanish.

The Philadelphia Public School Notebook offers a variety of internships. Depending on your interests and expertise, you could choose to get involved in staff writing and reporting, multimedia/photography, marketing, website assistance, or editorial assistance. Applicants to these positions are expected to be knowledgeable and take a strong interest in issues concerning public school education.

Check out the website here:

The Philadelphia Public School Notebook is located at 699 Ranstead St., Third Floor, Philadelphia PA 19106. For more information, contact the organization through their phone at (215) 839-0082 or through email at

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