Center for Culture, Art, Training and Education

Posted September 6th, 2016 at 3:22 pm.

Updated 10/16/2019

The Center for Culture, Art, Training and Education (CCATE) is dedicated to empowering the Hispanic community in the greater Montgomery County area in PA through the promotion of culture, art, education, and work training.

CCATE searches strategically to open multi-disciplinary programs that support four key sectors of a successful community: culture, art, training, and education that will empower the Latino community to make their dreams come true through the holistic development of the community. At CCATE there are a wide range of volunteer opportunities. Tasks range from technology room assistance to mentoring bright students, “whatever your skills, it is certain you can contribute simply as existing as a part of CCATE’s community” (quoted from the CCATE website).

Contact CCATE by phone at (484) 685-3633 or by email at to find out more about their available volunteer opportunities.


Location: 208 De Kalb St. in Norristown.

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