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The Association of Women in Science

Posted August 12, 2014

The Association of Women in Science (AWIFS) is an organization based in Philadelphia dedicated to awareness of STEM and forensic science research by providing community outreach and networking opportunities for female individuals. Additionally, AWIFS is committed to providing educational opportunities for youth who are interested pursuing forensic science as a career. AWIFS is lead by […]

Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project

Posted August 5, 2014

Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project (YASP) provides workshops for youth under 18 in the Philadelphia Prison system, as well as leadership development and support for youth when they leave the prison system. YASP also conducts workshops at schools and colleges to educate others about the flaws of the criminal justice system. By hiring formerly incarcerated […]

Healthy NewsWorks

Posted August 1, 2014

Healthy NewsWorks promotes the accessibility of health awareness and information through educating young students as journalists for the community. Elementary and middle school students who participate in the programs offered are uniquely empowered to create effective change not just within their own lives, but in the lives of those who read the journals published by […]

The William Way Center

Posted July 30, 2014

The William Way Center is an LGBT Community Center that supports the well-being and acceptance of sexual and gender minorities in the Philadelphia area. The William Way Center offers a plenty of different programs available for volunteers. Some programs of interest may include Peer Counseling, Art Gallery Committee, and Public Relations. To learn more about […]

The Center for Positive Aging in Lower Merion (PALM)

Posted July 30, 2014

The center for Positive Aging in Lower Merion (PALM) supports adults 55 or older by providing a caring environment with opportunities to engage actively, creatively, and independently. The center encourages new learning and growth through offering classes in subjects such as computer sciences, health and exercise, Spanish, art, and writing. PALM recognizes and celebrates the […]

The Norris Square Neighborhood Project

Posted July 28, 2014

The Norris Square Neighborhood Project (NSNP) is a community based arts and gardening organization, with a primary focus on youth and Latino Culture. NSNP believes that positive change in the community can happen through focusing on education and well-being of youth, who have the power to bring that change beyond the program to their peers, […]

The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

Posted July 28, 2014

The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education seeks to promote an appreciation and connection between people and the nature around us. The center focuses on Environmental Education for the surrounding community through their four main departments; Education, Land Restoration, Wildlife Rehabilitation, and Environmental Art. The Center offers a variety of volunteer opportunities working with nature, wildlife, […]

Mazzoni Center

Posted July 28, 2014

The Mazzoni Center is a health care provider that specifically targets the needs and wellness of LGBT individuals located in Philadelphia. In addition to primary health care, Mazzoni supports through providing mental and behavioral health services, LGBT legal services, HIV and STD testing, food bank and housing subsidies for families and individuals affected by HIV, […]

Fairmont Waterworks Education Center

Posted July 28, 2014

The Fairmont Waterworks Education Center (FWW) is a National Historic Landmark that sits on the East Bank of the Schuylkill River. FWW stresses the importance of clean waterways and environmental sustainability through educating citizens about Philadelphia’s urban watershed. Additionally, the organization works in collaboration with partners to foster respect and appreciation for the connections between […]

Village of Arts and Humanities

Posted July 25, 2014

The mission of The Village of Arts and Humanities is to support the voices and aspirations of the community through providing opportunities for self-expression rooted in art and culture. The Village inspires people to be agents of positive change through programs that encompass arts and culture, engage youth, revitalize community, preserve heritage and respect the […]

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